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Sound Health

Healthy living while working in entertainment and production-related industries.

Health Insurance • Life Insurance • Disability Insurance

A sound world and a brighter future.

Making an impact Health Care and Financial Technology.

A not-for-profit initiative by. Nova Sound #SoundHealth

Nova Sound has grown to support several non-profit organizations and has launched a few of our initiatives that serve the community and help save the environment. 

The Young Investors  Scholarships 

The nonprofit organizations of South Florida have inspired us to launch The Young Investors Scholarship, for youth interested in technology and finance in 2020. The scholarship allows us to expose the youth to information that they normally don’t have access to unless they go into a career in finance and technology. 

Supporting Non-profit Organizations Worldwide

Nova Sound is a proud supporter of these South Florida-based non-profit organizations. Nova Sound offers services at a 50% community service discount for non-profit organizations and companies that serve the community. 

Blood is the lifeline of humanity. Nova Sound is a proud supporter and donor of OneBlood. Our First Aid+ product line was produced to donate supplies across South Florida and the Caribbean communities in need.

Nova Sound is a proud supporter of;

One Blood 


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Medical Courier...Coming Soon!

Nova First Aid+

Health Insurance • Life Insurance • Disability Insurance

Estate Planning • Saving • Investing

Plan for a SOUND Future!


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