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Nova Financial Technology


A New Wav of Entrepreneurship

Financial Education, Business and Professional Development

 "Bridging the knowledge gap between the Entertainment and Financial Industries"

Welcome to Nova Financial Technology, your gateway to personalized mentorship with CEO and Certified Financial Educator, Gerald "Nova Sound" Campbell. With a track record of teaching financial literacy to high school students, college attendees, and young professionals, Nova Financial Technology delivers credible Financial Education and Financial Technology solutions to individuals seeking financial empowerment.

Our comprehensive program covers essential topics including: Financial Freedom, The Basics of Investing, Saving and Investing Strategies, and Retirement Planning.


Nova Financial Formulas I

Unlock your path to financial literacy and career advancement with our 6-page Formula Book. Offering a strategic approach to Financial Education, this concise guide is your key to unlocking financial success and professional growth.

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Keys to Success

Professional Development


After 10 years in business, CEO Gerald Nova Sound is giving back with the #FreeGame ๐Ÿ’Ž  series.

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