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A good scene can become a great scene with the addition of the right song. We own 100% of our material as well as publishing, making licensing this material as easy as possible, no maze before reaching the rights. We are represented by BMI as a composer and publisher as BMI affiliate.  We look forward to working with you. Scoring, Mixing, Mastering, Instrumentals. 
Genres: Film Scores, Hip Hop/ R&B, Caribbean Music, Chill-out Music, Ambient Music, Sports Music, Holiday, and Cinematic Music.

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Freedom from emotional prison, freedom from financial prison,
and most importantly freedom from mental prison.

Freedom In Progress 

 1. Poetic Freedom

 2. CrazX 5tory 

 3. Albino Wheel

4. Little Sister Song 

Luv Is A Process 

 5. Vibing With You (Chong-Zhen) 

 6. Good Guess Feat. Hunnii and JustMeaj

 7. Say It Back

 8. Intimidated

 9. The Comfort Zone 

New York Forever

 10. Lion’s Den (Didgeridoo Score)

 11. 219th Street

 12. Scott La Rock

 13. Blizzard Of 1996

 14. G Class Feat. Kenny Soul and Zay Mack

One Love Jamaica 

  15. 2 Different Ones/ $100K 

 16. Dante’s Inferno

 17. Revolutionaries

18. A Repressed Memory Feat. The Millers (Melinda Simone, Dr. Musiq, Lyric and Jazziah)

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EgyptQuinoX - Scores and Compositions

A 12 track cinematic hip-hop experience. EQX Musical Scores. 
1. The Pharaoh's Return
2. Dimension Gate EQX
3. 0Zero Gravity
4. Pyramid Reign
5. Horology 
6. Forbidden Knowledge
7. Kemetic Science
8. Digital Scroll EQX 
9. Dark Astrology
10. Maat and Anubis
11. Stolen Legacy
12. 2020 Kingship EQX

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Tracks Listing:
 Introduction to War Set (Loop-able with Layers )
 Bizarre Aura
 Abandoned Labyrinth
 Nightingale Nightmares
 Art Of War Music (Loop-able with Layers)

44.1K 16 Bit Wav.

* For commercial and non-commercial use. End-User License is enclosed in download folder.

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Track List:
Deck The Halls Composition 1 - Neo Deck The Halls
Jingle Bells Composition 1 - Rocker Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells Composition 2 - Anthem Bells
Jingle Bells Composition 3 - Humble Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells Composition 4 - Jingle Bells Orchestra
Joy To The World Composition 1 - Joy All Over The World
Silent Night Composition 1 - Harmony Nightfall
The First Noel Composition 1 - Nobel Noel
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 1 - An Orchestral Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Composition 1 - Christmas Tempo
12 Days Of XMas 1 Loop-able
12 Days Of XMas 1
12 Days Of XMas 2 Loop-able
12 Days Of XMas 2

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Arcadion - Universal Game Music

Tracks Listing: 
1. Mosaic Of The Sky (Score) - Cinematic 
2. Space Booming (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
3. Angelic Gamer (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
4. Jingle Bells Arcade (Instrumental) - Holiday Hip Hop
5. Dance Chemist EDM (Instrumental) - EDM
6. 2D Desert (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
7. Gamers Reggae Riddim (Instrumental) - Reggae
8. Kanye West (Instrumental) - Hip Hop

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Backing Tracks, Beats & Instrumentals

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Instrumentals and Beats

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