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Become a Nova Sound Product Pro

Nova Sound invites professionals at all career levels to join our team as product testers and reviewers. Become a Nova Sound Product Pro and help shape the future of our industry!

1. Apply 2. Test Products 3. Write Reviews 4. Get Free Products and Downloads!

How to apply?

Applicant must be a professional working in one (or more) of the following industries or hold one of the following positions.

  •  Live Events (Event Technology, Event Production, Specialists, etc...)

  • Music  (Music Production, Music Education)

  • Media and Entertainment 

  • Teacher/ Teaching artists (Music, Production, Music Technology, etc...) 

  • Sound Designer (Game Development, Audio-Post Production)

  • Audio Engineer or some other form of Audio Professional (or a closely related field).

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Become A Product Pro.

Are you interested in working with Nova Sound before graduation? Complete the form below.

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Thanks for applying!

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