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Sound Spotlight feat. @JazzMsLegacy Jazz’M - G Nova - Sound Spotlight Interviews Season 3

Sound Spotlight Interviews - Season 3 Produced by. NovaSound.Production

Hosted by. Gerald "Nova Sound" Campbell

Learn more about Project Legacy Art Market and Expo

Nova Sound and Living Legacy presents Project Legacy Sound Kit and Free Legacy Sound Pack. This sound collection was inspired by Project Legacy, an Art Market, and Expo that takes place every month in Miami Florida Hosted by Nova Sound and Living Legacy.

Project Legacy Features:

  • 100+ Sounds.

  • Stereo .wav

  • 48K 24-bit

Free Legacy Features:

  • 10+ Sounds.

  • Stereo .wav

  • 48K 24-bit

Producers and content creators, to access the "Free Legacy Sound Pack",

Sign up at

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