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KenyaWriteForMe "A Sound Like No Other" Interview with G Nova Sound


Published Poet and Music Composer, Gerald Campbell is the CEO/Founder of Nova Sound Technology based in Miami, Fl. The creative artist specializes in Audio Technology, Music/Media as well as Event Production. Ever since a young child, the Queens, New York native has been influenced by his Jamaican descent and music. Gerald has his mother plus her amazing vocal abilities to thank for being such an inspiration. Today, he knows how to play several instruments with the percussion family being his favorite. In pursuit of taking his love for music to the next level, the musician enrolled into Full Sail University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Recording. In 2014 after graduation, Gerald launched his first business Nova Sound. Over the past five years, the musically inclined entrepreneur has been able to provide his services to Grammy Award Winning Artists as well as Notable Politicians. His music can be heard at national conferences, showcases, and music festivals. Also in 2014, Gerald became a published poet under the name of G. Boroughs (Later changed to G Nova Sound) and he was awarded a feature in Who’s Who in American Poetry of 2014. Currently, the master producer is working on his 10th album. In the past, Gerald has composed seven albums, which are instrumentals and the other three feature vocals. This is the first album since 2013 with vocals. Gerald says the road that has gotten him here today has allowed him to compile all of his skills and knowledge into this new project. He also mentions how this has to be some of his best work. The concept of the album is FREEDOM and the title of the album is “Uhuru” which in Swahili means FREEDOM.

Gerald who is also known for his creativity and impeccable work ethic is changing the game one mix at a time. He prides himself for not giving up and staying true to his vision even when times were hard. Consistency and drive is the effort Gerald put into his craft and now all of his hard work and sleepless nights are finally paying off. Gerald is an all-around artist who is highly educated and loves sharing with people all that he knows. He has had the opportunity to secure speaking engagements at his alma mater Full Sail University, Valdosta State University, MLK Jr. High School, and South Cobb High School. The artrepreneur currently teaches at a non-profit called The Motivational Edge and shares his Nova Sound production technology curriculum with underserved youth. He is constantly traveling all over the world sharing his love for music and education. He says he’s been getting amazing feedback from people who are inspired by him and his love for music. “I had a young man tell me, I really see something in you. I can’t put my finger on it, but I can tell you’re going to be great. We need more brothers like you.”

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