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Gerald Nova Sound named as one of the "Top 20 Successful Entrepreneurs of 2022"

Gerald Nova Sound is a published poet, producer, and philanthropist, hailing from Queens, New York from a Jamaican family rooted in music. Gerald established Nova Sound, a technology company with a focus on music, media, and event production, in 2014 with the intention of serving non-profit organizations and venues across South Florida. The company has since been providing quality production services and has become a staple in the community.

Amidst impacting numerous lives around the globe, he has successfully gained 1 million views and launched over 5,000 digital products as well as 50 stage and studio products. His passion for music has led him to share works with several Grammy-award-winning artists, features in publications, and a stage for releasing versatile music compilations. To extend his creative endeavors, he is soon releasing his full-length album this December under the name “G Nova Sound” through his NovaSound.Music imprint. He has further shown his prominence in impacting over 200 at-risk youth, through non-profit work, speaking engagements, and studio sessions.

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