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Area 954 Presents Broward Beats

Broward Beats

From The Youth of Margate Middle School

The youth of Margate Middle School in Margate, FL have spent the past 4 months creating an Extended Play produced by teaching artist "Gerald 'Nova Sound' Campbell" with the assistance of teaching artist; Lakshmi Ruiz, Alexandar Star and Lyndon Gray of The Motivational Edge (in partnership with The Crocket Foundation).

The class room was turned into a studio as the students expressed ideas over new instrumentals in this free flowing artistic environment. After sharing song concepts and titles, the name Area 954 was chosen to represent the class and Broward Beats became the name of the EP. Members of the newly formed Area 954 spent sessions collaborating as they learned new song writing skills, how to playing percussion instruments and music production while creating the rhythm of Broward Beats Live. The students concluded the project by acknowledging The Motivational Edge and The Crocket Foundation as the reason for the fun filled experience, thanking the organizations for the opportunity.

Teaching artist Gerald Campbell and Alexandar Star working with the youth on the production of "Broward Beats Live" .

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