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A Presentation of Freedom - Financial Freedom for Young Professionals by. Gerald Nova Sound

A Presentation of Freedom - Financial Freedom for Young Professionals by Gerald 'Nova Sound' Campbell. Stream Uhuru by. G Nova Sound @GNovaSound

This presentation was given in front of a group of supporters at the Uhuru listening party. Gerald shares his debt free journey and the step by step process it takes to being able to pursue your dreams full time. The concept of the album is freedom from emotional prison, freedom from financial prison, and most importantly freedom from mental prison. The topic of the presentation is financial freedom for young professionals.

Financial Freedom for Young Professionals (Step by Step). A big thank you to Dave Ramsey.

Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth


- Financial Freedom

- Dream Chasing

- Help Others

Income| Expenses (Keep track of what comes in and what goes out.)

The Phases of Your Career

1. Development Stage - Beginner

2. Growth Stage - Semi Professional

3. Break Through Stage - Professional

4. Abundance Stage - Expert

4 Steps to FREEDOM Inspired by Dave Ramsey

1. Save $1,000 for emergencies

2. Pay off debt

3. Save 3-6 months of expenses

4. Invest


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