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Nova Sound, Sound Like Never Before! South Florida Based Multi Division Production Company.

Sound Spotlight feat. Chill Smitty @ChillSmittyXBeats

Sound Spotlight feat. Chill Smitty @ChillSmittyXBeats

Sound Spotlight feat. Chill Smitty @ChillSmittyXBeats The spotlight is on Chill Smitty, a Miami-based producer, and entrepreneur. We sat down to speak about his career, upcoming projects and Money Moves Only, The Only Brand of CEOs. Follow Chill Smitty @ChillSmittyXBeatson Instagram and subscribe to his channel @Chill Smitty X Beats Download the "Free Art CSB" Sound Kit, Free with email sign up at

Sound Spot Light feat. Legendary C.S.T @LEGENDARYCST

Nova Sound premiers the new interview series Sound Spot Light.

Sound Spot Light feat. Legendary C.S.T @LEGENDARYCST The spotlight is on Legendary C.S.T, an Atlanta-based artist and entrepreneur who has been putting in work for the last ten years. We sat down to speak about our rivalry as well as the impact of underground legend Yung Teddy, who was a great influence to the both of us. Follow Legendary C.S.T @LEGENDARYCST on Instagram and subscribe to his channel @LEGENDARYCST    

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The Mindful Mentor Episode 16: Nova Sound

 Episode 16: Creating abundance, knowing your worth and achieving financial freedom with Gerald "Nova Sound" Campbell

Host Bree Gordon talks with entrepreneur and financial freedom mentor, Gerald "Nova Sound" Campbell.  In this episode, Gerald talks about how his work as a recording artist and music producer led to his desire to become a youth and financial freedom mentor.  Gerald also shared what "financial freedom" and "abundance" means to him as a young business owner. 

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G Nova live Uhuru Tour - Free Art - Fresh Church - Nova Sound

G Nova Sound @GNovaSound live at Fresh Church performing "Scott La Rock" from the album "Uhuru"

G Nova Featuring: Nova Sound @NovaSound Wav Marcano Sax @MarcanoSax Erace The Hate @EraceTheHate Fresh Church Download "Free Art" Sound Kit at visit

G Nova Sound - Uhuru: Freedom Is a Must

Uhuru: Freedom Is A Must 

Uhuru: Freedom Is A Must (Bonus EP - 6 New Songs)
June 19th, 2020, What is the next step towards freedom?
We cannot and will not stumble our way into freedom.
Freedom from emotional prison, freedom from financial prison,
and most importantly freedom from mental prison.

Freedom Is A Must 
 1. Capital Hill
 2. Perfection 
 3. Product
4. 100K Remix
5. The Maze 
6. Vibing With You Feat. Amy A

Nova Sound Presents Percussion Caribbean

Nova Sound Presents Percussion Caribbean, the first release from the second wave of the Nova Drum Unit Plug-in Series. This rompler style plug-in consists of 88 high fidelity Caribbean drum samples captured by our team of sound designers through an array of professional microphones. Great for producing; island music, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, reggaeton, or Latin music, musical composition (beat/track/score). (NDU: PercCaribb) 

G Nova Sound - DidG Music EP

DidG Music 

DidG Music
G Nova Sound Presents DidG Music EP. A complication
of 4 didgeridoo musical scores and instrumentals.

Freedom In Progress 
1. Cove (Didgeridoo Score) - G Nova Sound
2. Didgeridoo Over Meditations Water (Score) - G Nova Sound
3. Call Of Duty (Didgeridoo Score) - G Nova Sound
4. Nova Didgeridoo - G Nova Sound