Nova Sound

Nova Sound
Nova Sound, Sound Like Never Before! South Florida Based Music, Media and Event Production Company.

Nova Sound Presents OSinQueNon


A soothing musical experience created to influence meditation and help listener manifest their deepest desires through a higher human experience. Press play, calm your mind and manifest the things you really want into your reality.

1. Forest Glow (Score)
2. Paradise (Instrumental)
3. Prosperity (Instrumental)
4. Healing Waters (Score)
5. Heart and Mind (Instrumental)
6. Diary (feat. Marcano Sax) [Instrumental][Cover]
[Streaming Only]
7. Freedom Falls (Instrumental)
8. Bliss (Score)
9. Uphoria (Score)
10. Balance (Score)

The Motivational Edge Presents "A Motivational Summer"

A Motivational Summer

The Motivational Edge Presents "A Motivational Summer" from the Youth of Broward County. This album is a musical journey about support and self-expression. Produced by teaching artist Gerald "Nova Sound" Campbell, Melissa EncarnaciĆ³n and Lakshmi Ruiz.
A Motivational Summer featuring "Like A Firefly" from ShineMSD

The Youth of Pompano Present BLCK XCLLNC


The Motivational Edge Presents BLCK XCLLNC The Youth of Pompano FL. The project is a 4 track EP and the title track "Black Excellence" is based on the things the youth learned during black history month and the inspiration that came from this new found knowledge.

Teaching artist Gerald Campbell and Sienyi Cambridge
presenting "BLCK XCLLNC" to the youth during the listening party.

Nova Sound Presents HOAY Legacy

HOAY Legacy

Fidit G - HOAY Legacy
Stream all my classics from "Hell Of A Year", "HOAY After Shock" and "HOAY 2K11" including "Fidit Gets It In", "Graduation" and 2 unreleased songs now on all major streaming platforms

1. The Graduation Date (Class Of 2011)
2. The Earthquake
3. Graduation
4. 18 (2K11)
5. Party Till We Pass Out
6. It's Been A Minute
7. Long Distance
8. Hell & Back
9. 1 Questions (Would You Ride?)
10. Fidit Gets It In 
11. Poppin' (Prod. By Big Red)
12. Bragging and Boasting
13. Cold Bars 3
14. Never (Prod. By Jones T)
15. Benjamin 
16. The Back
17. Who Want It
18. AFter SHock 
19. Legendary 

Tory Lanez Art Basel Bash at SHOTS Wynwood

Tory Lanez Art Basel Bash at SHOTS Wynwood

End Basel with a BANG only at SHOTS MIAMI
The party starts at 8PM with DJ Infader
Performance by Que Heffe
Live art by Miryam Lumpini with guest Tory Lanez
Light show by Nova Sound!

Erace The Hate Presents Who's Got Next 3

 Erace The Hate and The Motivational Edge Present Who's Got Next

After the success of the first two event, Erace The Hate Presents "Who Got Next 3". Calling the youth of South Florida to showcase your music, poetry and art. Show Production by Nova Sound.