Nova Sound

Nova Sound
Nova Sound, Sound Like Never Before! South Florida Based Music, Media and Event Production Company.

The South Florida Black Business Directory Release Party - February 19th

 The South Florida Black Business Directory Release Party

The South Florida Black Business Directory are calling all supporters of black enterprise to attend the official directory release party. This celebration is highly anticipated as the directory will lists hundreds of Black Owned Businesses based or doing business in the South Florida region. This celebration will highlight the efforts of the Black Business owners, influencers, and community leaders that made this initiative possible.

Nova Sound Presents Arcadion

Universal Game Music
1. Mosaic Of The Sky (Score) - Cinematic 
2. Space Booming (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
3. Angelic Gamer (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
4. Jingle Bells Arcade (Instrumental) - Holiday Hip Hop
5. Dance Chemist EDM (Instrumental) - EDM
6. 2D Desert (Instrumental) - Hip Hop
7. Gamers Reggae Riddim (Instrumental) - Reggae
8. Kanye West (Instrumental) - Hip Hop 

Match My Balls iOS Universal Game, theme music by. Nova Sound

Match My Balls iOS Universal Game, theme music by. Nova Sound

Nova Sound Presents EgyptQuinoX

A cinematic hip hop experience

1. The Pharaoh's Return
2. Dimension Gate EQX
3. 0Zero Gravity
4. Pyramid Reign
5. Horology 
6. Forbidden Knowledge
7. Kemetic Science
8. Digital Scroll EQX 
9. Dark Astrology
10. Maat and Anubis
11. Stolen Legacy
12. 2020 Kingship EQX

Erace The Hate and Partners Present The Ritual

Erace The Hate and Partners Present The Ritual featuring Jesse Boykins III, Twelve'len and Marcano Sax at Chop Shop Wynwood, Art Basel Week. Event Co-Produced by. Nova Sound

SolFlo Music and Art Series - July 23rd Chop Shop

Solflo is a gathering of South Florida’s most eclectic artists and entrepreneurs presented by Erace The Hate. We will showcase music, dance, and art in an energetic event for a millennial audience. For Outreach Hour, we invite community organizations to bring their youth to the stage! The Chop Shop Wynwood is filled with art and positive energy for the youth to soak up. This will be followed by live music and in an exciting atmosphere with music from some hot new talent. Vendors, food and refreshments will be positioned around the perimeter of the venue. Proceeds from the event will contribute to our Social Innovator’s Scholarship and community programming with Talent 4 Change. Event Production by. Nova Sound

Nova Sound talks Sounds For The Peaceful with Erace The Hate | Twosday

Sound like never before. Nova Sound CEO, Gerald Campbell talks about creating Nova Sound and the release of the Sounds For The Peaceful Sound Kit collaboration with Erace The Hate. The interview was filmed at Fuzion House Studios in Miami, Florida.