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Nova Sound, Sound Like Never Before! South Florida Based Music, Media and Event Production Company.

Post Production

Audio Post Production

We provide quality mixes through sound restoration and dynamic recording techniques.
We provide services including sound mixing, sound design and scores/backing tracks.
If you are interested in Post Production for your project, contact us

Post Production Superiors

Music Supervisor

Sound Mixer

Pro Tools 210 Post Certified Operator

4 IMDb credits. 

NAACCP - Ferguson First Friday

Astray - KRom Pictures

Astray is a film that we had the pleasure of doing post production for.
Astray is a Full Length Feature about a boy who ran away from home
and a social worker who befriends him.

  Revenge, Inc (2013)

  Arg Stairs KRom Pictures

  Rito At Sea KRom Pictures

Bran  Muffin

G Nova Sound interview with Erace The Hate | #Twosday

Florida Youth Leadership Academy

  Motivational Edge: After-School Program 

Sound FX & Game Audio

Mystic Owl

Mystic owl is a demonstration of sound design capabilities when paired with a visual medium

The Shock Rifle

The Red Square ~ A Haunted XMas

Below are visual demonstrations of sound effects design by our team and implemented into the UDK system.

2_In the seconds video I stayed in the center of the map without movement so listeners could here the stingers uninterrupted by other sounds. I also turned to the jump pad to perceive the hum it produced.

3_ In the third video I came in contact with about 5 health pick up then the Shock Rifle and Ammo pick ups which I was also design the sound for.

4_In the forth video I was testing the jump pad, a tool in the map players can use to reach things, a more interactive part of the level. The jump pad plays a loop I created which acts as the humming sound the pad produces. When the pad is touched it triggers another sound, which represents the use of the pad as it pushes user up about 30 feet in the air.

5_In the fifth video I showed the use of a stone door way which blocks a room with a weapon and pick-ups, as well as a humming jump portal.