Nova Sound

Nova Sound
Nova Sound, Sound Like Never Before! South Florida Based Music, Media and Event Production Company.

Location Audio

Live Location Recording

We capture live recordings of event, performance or interview.
Capturing quality audio is key in recreating performances for different distribution mediums. 
If you are interested in Live Recordings of your performance, contact us

We Provide

- 6 Track Audio Recording
- Live Album Recording
- Live Performance Recording
- Speech Recording
- Field Recording

Production Audio & Field Recording
- Recording environments, Audio recording outside of a recording studio.

Every visual medium deserves to be accompanied by quality audio. Films (Movies and Documentaries), Games, & TV shows alike are only enhanced by professional audio. As far as the audience goes, visuals catch their attention and pull them in close. However the sound is what causes the submergence, provides the realism and makes your audience feel like they're right in the middle of the action. Using a field recorder and a collection of quality microphones, I capture the details that can only be heard.