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Nova Sound Presents HOAY Legacy

HOAY Legacy

Fidit G - HOAY Legacy
Stream all my classics from "Hell Of A Year", "HOAY After Shock" and "HOAY 2K11" including "Fidit Gets It In", "Graduation" and 2 unreleased songs now on all major streaming platforms

1. The Graduation Date (Class Of 2011)
2. The Earthquake
3. Graduation
4. 18 (2K11)
5. Party Till We Pass Out
6. It's Been A Minute
7. Long Distance
8. Hell & Back
9. 1 Questions (Would You Ride?)
10. Fidit Gets It In 
11. Poppin' (Prod. By Big Red)
12. Bragging and Boasting
13. Cold Bars 3
14. Never (Prod. By Jones T)
15. Benjamin 
16. The Back
17. Who Want It
18. AFter SHock 
19. Legendary